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The red centre awaits Goldfields business owners of DMS

Imagine the fulfillment you’d attain from a 7-day 4WD challenge through to Australia’s red centre.

Now add the fact that the trek is hosted by Variety Children’s Charity and your fundraising has contributed to raising over $80,000 towards WA children.

This is the exact sentiment felt by Kalgoorlie’s Brett and Kristy of Dynamic Maintenance Solutions as they embarked on the start of an adventure of a lifetime on Saturday May 26th.

Before they set off for their first stop, Laverton, we spoke to Kristy to find out more on what the plan of attack was for the next week on the road.

Usually our conversations are centred around hydraulic cylinder repairs and major servicing and repairs to mining and earth moving equipment (you can find out more about that on the DMS Directory Listing), but this time it was all about the couple’s purpose for participating.

Kristy enlightened us on a story about a WA child who last year had a custom-made bike created for her with the funds raised from trips like the 4WD Challenge, at a cost of $20,000.

Kristy and Brett felt strongly that all children deserve the right to experience riding a bike as well as other simple activities that take place in your childhood.

The 4WD Challenge also allows you to see where the money that you’ve raised goes to, with a focus on practical equipment and experiences.

Kristy and Brett registered and immediately commenced fundraising.

Now as they embark on the trip, the couple have raised a total of $6,500 for variety, which they’ve said is due to the huge amount of support given by local business owners as well as friends and family.

The trip overall will allow them to visit a range of remote communities on the way to their destination, Uluru which is a first for the 4WD Challenge.

Kristy’s confession that a fine system will be implemented along the way for different actions on the trip, contributing to Variety’s grand total which currently sits at $87,222.

We look forward to catching up with Kristy and Brett upon their return.

You can donate to their fundraising efforts by visiting the link here: Car 6432


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