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The One Man job

A machine built for the ‘one-man job’ scenario in underground mining.

It’s also known for its versatility and will slash your operation costs and improve your team’s results in productivity.

The L-Muva’s durable design is known to last in harsh underground conditions 10+ years,offering a long-term saving and a high ROI – built tough and engineered over 20 years ago to cater specifically to underground mining, with the opportunity to utilise across industries!

The standard L-Muva model is equipped with a 4m x 2m, with the opportunity to attach an extender tray, scissor lift, a removable half cab, and a light crane, minimising one use machinery onsite.

The machine was recently trialled in a localGoldfields underground minesite, returning positive feedback on its appearance, versatility and it’s potential in underground mining.

Now, the Managing Director of L-Muva has a machine available to purchase with low hours, ex-demonstration out of Kalgoorlie.
Its skid steer design provides better manoeuvrability with a capability of turning 360* within 4.5m area making the machine suitable for applications where transit space is limited, such as mining, civil construction sites and bulk storage facilities.

Made from rust resistant materials, the machine is less susceptible to damage and can withstand harsh environments, particularly those faced in the underground mining game.

Its small foot print design allows it to work in areas where IT’S can’t access and its component replacement is easily performed with fast and clear access to engine, pumps and wheel motors.

At the point of sale, the L-Muva team arranges a support and training schedule catering to the purchaser’s requirements.
If you’re interested in purchasing the ex-demo machine, please contact

If you would like more information on the L-Muva and its capabilities, you can view their directory listing here.


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